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Fundamentals of Vibrational Testing
Dec 16, 2017  1:00 pm EST - 4:00 pm EST
Divine Healing - Nashua


Fundamentals of Vibrational Testing

by Joanne Wicks

Based on Physical Radiesthesia developing an activation and direct perception through
our own vibrational body to perceive the actual qualities of vibrational fields that are
normally invisible but are around us all the time (Vital Energy and Life Force) and are
constantly affecting us below the level of our awareness. We will be training our own
vibrational body to tune into the specific qualities of external vibrational fields through
using the instrument of the neutral pendulum dowsing tool.

Finding your unique Personal Wavelength by entrainment of the Neutral Pendulum,
tuning the pendulum string like an antenna to a precise length which resonates with a
particular vibration.

How to detect the presence of specific items (whether Beneficial or Harmful) within your
body, food, drink, supplements, building material etc. The neutral pendulum is an
extension of your own energy field and you will feel the pull through the pendulum by
tuning it into a specific energy quality you are testing for.

Rudolf Steiner: New Etheric Clairvoyance


Clearing central channel
Accurate Vibrational Testing requires that the energy in your own body and energy
system be open and flowing, so that you can energetically connect with the dynamic,
invisible vibrational world around us.

• Torus Exercise
• Clearing Meridians
• Clearing 3 Key Areas in the Head
• Clearing and Activating Energy Flow to the fingers that hold the string of the Pendulum
• Simple Clearing method with Crystals
• Simple Clearing Method with Essential Oil/Spray
• Clearing the Mind

Entrain our energy system to recognize specific energy qualities
This Life Force is a vital energy which is itself part of an invisible spiritual and vibrational
world which surrounds us and affects every aspect of the world around us.

• polarity
• color
• personal wavelength

Date: Saturday, December 16, 2017
Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Class Cost: $33.00

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