We are living in a New World, a time that has never been before.

It is well known in many circles that there is an unseen world that surrounds us. My mission is to help you with messages from the inhabitants of this world and to teach you to communicate with these divine beings.

Welcome to the Divine Healing website!

My name is Elizabeth Foley and I will be your guide while you are here. Please enjoy your visit and do come back often to see the treasures that I will be adding as we move along this expanding journey!

Have Confidence in Your Abilities and Your Spiritual Connection

Angels are powerful messengers and we can hear their loving words and messages when we choose to open our hearts and mind.

In working with your Angels, many have experienced:

  •  Awakening to one’s true self and discovering their divinity
  •  Inner joy, happiness and peace
  •  Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being
  •  Greater self-love and more compassion for others
  •  Accelerated spiritual growth and development of their intuition and spiritual gifts

Your Angels want to help you with everything from sacred guidance to inspiration and healing.

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“Within you is a spirit capable of touching the stars. Within you is the ability to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true… Don’t listen to others or fear competition or worry about wrong choices. In every experience there is wisdom to be gained. Have faith in yourself and move ahead with confidence, believing that you will fulfill your potential as the unique person you were created to be.” — Mary Hough Foote

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Divine Healing offers a full schedule of classes, meetup groups, certification programs and special events.

Awaken your innate spiritual abilities. Empower yourself and transform your life.

Special Events

Throughout the year Divine Healing offers unique opportunities to expand your consciousness and deepen your knowledge of your reality as a spiritual being having a human experience.  Participate in retreats.  Meet like-minded souls at spiritual fairs and expos.  Celebrate your unique self!

Connect to Your Angels

These books and angel cards were created by Elizabeth J. Foley, Ph.D. to make communicating with your angels easy.   Understand how angels work in our lives.  Receive personal messages from your angels.

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We offer a variety of services for mind, body and soul – everything from angel readings and angel therapy sessions to house clearings and blessings to different methods of Reiki healing.  For over 20 years, we have gratefully served the greater New England area with our classes and services.